I never was much for new year’s resolutions. They always seemed so vague and temporary. At most I’d make the occasional new month’s resolution, but even then I rarely stuck with it. In fact, I think 2007 was the first time I ever made an actual list in January that I looked at again later in the year. My follow-through was about 50%; not bad for my first year out.

The important thing about resolutions, whether they’re made January 1st or every other Tuesday, is to be specific. “Get more exercise” or “be more creative” are difficult resolutions to keep. How much exercise are we talking? How does one measure creativity? On the other hand, if your resolution is to join Genre Challenge and submit at least six times over the course of the year, then you know exactly how well you’re doing on your resolution.

The folks over at Zen Habits say to have only one goal per year, and to work toward it every day. I think that’s a marvelous idea but I can’t seem to choose just one goal to focus on. I only managed to whittle my list down to five things.

Luckily, the ZH people also recommend an excellent goal tracking device: Joe’s Goals. It’s great for people who want to develop daily habits, since every day you simply check off what you did that day towards such-and-such goal. It lists how long ago you last checked off a certain item, and also works for activities you want to do less often.

So what exactly *are* my resolutions for 2008? In general, I want to write more, draw more, read more, and exercise more. Specifically, I want to figure out an exercise program that works, finish the drawings requested of me, make quantitative progress on a few certain projects, and reduce my to-be-read pile by thirty books. All very much attainable, even concurrently. Now I just have to do it.

  1. Good luck to you in reaching your goals this year. Happy New Year!

  2. One year I managed to achieve all my goals. It is possible.

  3. one of m goal this year is also exercise more ~~ and be creative

    I guess we have the some goal ahead

    Good luck

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