Library antics

My home library is pretty cool. They have a lot of branches, a user-friendly electronic catalog, and a good selection of titles. I don’t tend to participate in any of their programs, as I tend to be either too young, too old, or too married for their target demographic, but sometimes I peruse the schedules out of curiosity.

Which is how I stumbled upon the upcoming teen events. On the 13th two branches are having V-day parties: Be my Anti-Valentine and a Goth Valentine Bash, and on the 20th they’re having Noisy Library Music. I admit, part of me wants to go see these bands. Check out the descriptions:

TIDELAND: [dreamy noise rock]
HADOPELAGIA: [drone shake breakfast flakes]
MASSALIA: [acid rock noise infection]

As bizarre as it all sounds, I have to hand it to them for making an honest effort to appeal to adolescents without assuming it’s still 1955. Or that everything they do has to revolve around books. Sometimes just getting them into the library is a vital step.

  1. I am really intrigued by this event. I really want to go for some reason…. but im 30 :( The flyer says its for ages 12-18. I fail…..

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