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I’ve become a big fan of Google Reader, and have gone a bit subscription-happy. It’s too easy to subscribe and unsubscribe, and the interface is sweet.  Love it.  And of course I have to tell everybody about it, even though they’ve been using it for ages and wonder why I held out for so long.  But I don’t care, because when you’re in love the world needs to know.

Now, except for the friends’ blogs I’ve subscribed to, here is my full list of current subscriptions. If anyone has any additional (safe for work) blog/webcomic suggestions, please send them my way.

humor and cute

  • Awkward Family Photos – exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes funny, sometimes creepy, always awkward.
  • Cake Wrecks – hilariously botched confections with funny captions.
  • ROFLrazzi – you’ve heard of LOLcats; this is LOLcelebs.
  • Cute Overload – I like cute animals, what can I say?
  • Go Fug Yourself – awful celebrity fashion with clever commentary.
  • Graph Jam – amusing user-made graphs. Not always funny, but amusing enough of the time to be worth keeping.
  • LOLcats – because too many of them are still funny to me.
  • Photoshop Disasters – professional graphic arts gone awry. Don’t read the comments, though – too many of them are major knit-pickers.
  • Pundit Kitchen – LOLnews
  • Totally Looks Like – amusing (and sometimes uncanny) comparisons


  • Binary Souls / Other Dimensions – gorgeous 3-D art with a pleasantly bizarre storyline. And robots. (I’m a bit biased here, since my husband is the artist, but I still like it.)
  • Dinosaur Comics – the same image with different text. Sometimes funny, always strange.
  • Garfield Minus Garfield – the fat orange cat removed from his titular comic strip leads to existential angst for Jon.
  • Least I Could Do – Just started reading on the recommendation of a friend, but it’s pretty funny so far
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – not entirely sure how to describe this one exactly…
  • Spamusement – comics made from Spam subject lines. Now defunct – I subscribed just in case it ever comes back.
  • Thinkin’ Lincoln – recommended by my sister. It’s not exactly funny per se, but somehow I just can’t stop reading it.
  • Toothpaste For Dinner – crappy drawings with random captions, which sometimes come together to form humor.
  • xkcd – quite possibly the most consistently good webcomic I’ve ever seen. And it’s just stick figures!


  • Design Milk – one of the staff picks from Google itself. Mostly weird new products in the “form before function” vein.
  • Dollar Rede$ign Project – new designs for US currency. A lot of interesting ideas here.
  • iMetro – really only entertaining if you’re familiar with the Washington DC Metro system.
  • Lisa’s History Room – history is made up of individuals and their stories, beautifully recounted here.
  • Moving Momentarily – another amusing Metro blog.
  • – one of the most useful sites on the internet.
  • The Markeroni Blog – As a Markeroon myself, I like to see what’s up with the site.
  • The Occasional Chicken – the followup to Three Chicks a Day. I like to see how the chicks are doing.
  • Web Urbanist – interesting photographs and other goings-on.
  • Write on Wednesday – an evidently defunct weekly writing prompt that I used to take part in. I hope it comes back someday.

Anything I should add?

  1. It’s interesting how vastly different our internet reading is. :)

  2. Let me guess: yours is music, 3-D art, computers/gadgets, and a whole bunch of Japan.

  3. You can share/see what your friends are reading too. What is your Google account?

  4. Like I have multiple usernames. :) I’m melydia here, there, and everywhere.

  5. Have you ever heard of the webcomic HERO? It’s story-based, which is a difference from a lot of the ones on your list, but it’s really good and NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT which breaks my heart T_T

  6. And since “HERO” is a very common word online, I should probably link, shouldn’t I.


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