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Georges Lemmen

Georges Lemmen is one of those painters I discovered by clicking Wikipedia links from painters I’d heard of.

Gustave Courbet

Gustave Courbet was a brilliant painter but wow, some of his paintings are NSFW.


The last dead artist I’ve drawn so far, and this was back in October. I’m happy to take suggestions, but the artist has to 1. be dead, and 2. have lived in the age of photography. (So, like, no Titian.) I prefer older ones, especially daguerrotypes and the like, since they’re less likely to have been photoshopped away from reality.

Grandma Moses

It bothers me a little bit that Grandma Moses is known mostly for being old, but her paintings are nice.

Berthe Morisot

There weren’t many female Impressionists, so Morisot’s work was new to me, but I like it.

Mary Cassatt

I adore her hat.

Marie Bracquemond

I couldn’t find an image of her signature.


I love his flyaway hair. So many of these artists had crazy bedhead going on for some reason. Maybe it was the style of the time. Or maybe they were just artists.

Rosie’s Boys

My friend Dave asked me to draw the “We Can Do It” guy. I said, “Rosie the Riveter?” He said yes, that’s who he meant. Well, it turns out those are two different people. The guy who did the We Can Do It poster was J. Howard Miller:

And the guy who did the picture of Rosie the Riveter was Norman Rockwell:

It turns out that the We Can Do It poster wasn’t associated with Rosie the Riveter until well after the war had ended. So there you have it: art and a history lesson, all in one!


John William Waterhouse is my friend Kate’s favorite artist. We happened to look up his photograph while she was visiting the other day and I ended up keeping the link open so I could draw him. She seems pleased with the result.

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