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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods by Neil Gaiman: I can’t say too much about the plot without giving it all away; much of my enjoyment of the book was from slowly figuring out exactly what’s going on. The story starts with Shadow, a man whose wife is killed two days before he was due to be released from prison. On the plane home, a man who calls himself Mr. Wednesday offers him a job which, upon learning that his best friend – who owned the Muscle Farm where Shadow was going to work – is also dead, Shadow accepts. From there he goes on a crazy journey all over middle America, meeting gods old, new, and otherwise. It was a long book – over 600 pages – but it didn’t drag or jump around in time too much, and things were described well enough that I really felt like I was there. Sometimes I was a little confused as to where it all was going, but the end was satisfying. Now I want to visit some of those old run-down roadside attractions mentioned in the text, especially the House on the Rock.

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