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Relic Master #1: The Dark City by Catherine Fisher

Relic Master #1: The Dark City by Catherine Fisher: Galen is a Relicmaster and young Raffi is his apprentice, though here they are known as keeper and scholar, respectively. These two are members of The Order, an outlawed group of magic-users and collectors of Maker relics. It’s clear early on that these relics are scraps of human technology – a telescope, a wristwatch – but unlike many stories of this sort, the magic they possess is real. Galen has lost his powers and Raffi is still a novice, reminding me a bit of Aahz and Skeeve from Robert Asprin’s Myth Adventures series, though Galen is more like Dragonlance’s Raistlin Majere than Aahz. When Galen and Raffi are called to investigate a relic in a nearby compound, they embark on a grander quest than either could have imagined. Meanwhile, they are being tailed by The Watch, the military-style rulers that have taken over the land and hunt down members of The Order.

The Dark City is the first of a quartet set to be released monthly this summer – an unusual decision but I think a wise one, as the buzz for the series can hopefully be kept up in between books more easily than if they were separated by years. I don’t know that I’d describe myself as actively waiting for the next installment, but I admit to being curious about Raffi and Galen’s future adventures. Anara is a fascinating world and I would love to have another visit.

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