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Brothel by Alexa Albert

Brothel by Alexa Albert: Though she originally visited the famous Mustang Ranch in Nevada to perform a study about condom use in legal brothels, Albert discovers a fascination with the life of a prostitute, and is in fact invited back to live at the Mustang several times over it last few years in operation. I admit I hadn’t given legal prostitution too much thought; after all, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my business. This, however, provided an engrossing look into one of America’s last remaining taboos. Albert covers all aspects of the business – from legislation and lobbying, to pimps and boyfriends, to traveling salesmen who supply the prostitutes with clothing and makeup, to internet fans, forums, and conventions – and all with both sympathy and blunt honesty, regardless of her personal feelings. This is certainly a book to make one think.

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