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Read Comics in Public Day

Tomorrow is the very first Read Comics in Public Day. It’s simple: read a comic in public, have somebody take your picture, and then email the photo to them.

I will definitely be participating, if only because I’ll be at Baltimore Comic Con. (Incidentally, I’ll be at table A191 in the Artists Alley with BS/OD.) What about you? Will you be reading comics in public?

Hat tip to Comics Alliance.

Baltimore Comic Con

If you’re headed to Baltimore Comic Con next weekend (August 28-29), stop by the Binary Souls / Other Dimensions table in the artist alley. I’ll be there all weekend. If you ask nicely, I’ll even draw something for you.

A Call to Arms

A quick post to let you know that you should support Shaggy in the Webcomic Planet’s War 2010. He’s the artist behind Binary Souls / Other Dimensions, one of my favorite webcomics. Read all about it here. Thanks!

Anime USA 2009

If you’re going to be at Anime USA this weekend in Arlington, Virginia, please stop by the Binary Souls / Other Dimensions table in Artist Alley. We’ll be there selling all kinds of nifty stuff like comics, buttons, CDs, and more. Come by and say hello!

Anime USA

This weekend is Anime USA in Arlington, Virginia. I’ll be in the artists alley with Binary Souls / Other Dimensions. If you’re going to be there, please stop by and say hello!


Are you going to be at Otakon? Be sure to visit me in Artists Alley at the Binary Souls / Other Dimensions booth. The first issue of our new comic book series, Animal Faith, will be available. Come check it out!

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