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The Prestige by Christopher Priest

The Prestige by Christopher Priest: I’ve wanted to read this ever since seeing the movie in the theaters. It is the strange tale of two rival magicians at the turn of the 20th century as they each attempt to uncover the other’s secrets so they can better them. It is told more or less as a collection of diary entries by the two men, with some extra bits around the edges about a couple of their descendants in modern times. I enjoyed the mystery of the magician’s life and indeed was tempted to start over from the beginning when certain things were revealed later, to see if I could pick up earlier hints that I had missed – which is saying something, since I find few books have re-read value. I did not like the ending, however, which was abrupt and very bizarre, leaving all kinds of threads dangling. Maybe the author was leaving the way open for a sequel, but it left me cold and disappointed. That said, there is a possibility that, were I to read it again, I would understand more and not feel like there was additional things left to be explained. But I don’t know. The ending aside, I had a great time devouring this book, and it made me want to read more about Victorian age magicians.

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