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The Echelon Vendetta by David Stone

The Echelon Vendetta by David Stone: Most books I get free off the internet are worth about what I paid for them, so my expectations were not high coming into this. I expected it to be another generic thriller, just something to pass the time. I was pleasantly mistaken. I liked the characters, no matter how despicable. The scenery was described in wonderful detail without getting long-winded, and the action was well paced. I think my favorite part was the snarky ghost (or maybe he was just a hallucination) who haunted the main character as he attempted to solve the ghost’s murder. There was a good balance between humor and drama. I read in a review somewhere to remember David Stone’s name because he will be known for excellent thrillers. If this book is any indication of his future work, I think that’s a definite possibility.

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