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The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson

The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson: This is the third and final book in The Door Within trilogy, in which Aidan and company fight the evil Paragor for the last time. I have mixed feelings. Now, I accept that this trilogy could not have ended with a cop-out like “and then Aiden woke up snug in his bed”, but several of my questions were never answered, such as what happened to the green-eyed/undecided folks. The motives of Paragor’s followers are similarly unclear: he promises them power, and yet they obviously do nothing but serve his whims. Even Robby’s internal struggle, which is by far the most detailed, is pretty unrealistic. The characterization is often unconvincing to an adult, with several one-note personalities, but that is fairly common in children’s books. I would say that this trilogy would be good for Christian kids (since the idea of King Eliam doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you get the Jesus symbolism), but it’s awfully violent. This book in particular is nearly nonstop fighting and death told in graphic detail. In short, this trilogy was a fine diversion, but not something I would go out of my way to recommend.

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