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Hackers: It’s like 1995 sneezed and they made a movie out of it. The plot, such as it is, is about a band of teenage computer hackers who trip over catchy buzzwords and outdated (or neverdated) slang while fighting the big evil hacker as the fates of millions hang in the balance. Or something. It doesn’t really matter. There’s plenty wrong with this movie, not least of which being the bizarre graphical representation of hacking that comes closer to a rave party screensaver than anything remotely resembling an actual operating system, but there’s also so much right. Angelina Jolie as the butch-sexy chick hacker. Matthew Lillard as the hippy weirdo hacker. Penn Jillette as the geeky computer security officer. Marc Anthony as the wannabe hipster cop. Rollerblades and swap meets and 28.8 modems and grunge. It’s silly and often unintentionally humorous, but if you want the mid-90s to the nth degree, this is the movie for you.

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