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Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding

Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding: Rosie Richardson works at a refugee camp in Nambula, Africa, where she’s been for the last four years after breaking off a toxic relationship with the famous television man Oliver Merchant in London. It took me a while to get into this book, as it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a serious look at starvation in the Third World, or Bridget Jones Goes to Africa (yes, I know it was written before Bridget Jones’s Diary, but you get my drift). Some parts were very funny, and others made me feel like Fielding was trying to browbeat me into donating to charity. At first it stirred my compassion, but by the end it felt more like a lecture than a story. Fielding also relied a bit too heavily on dialect for differentiation, turning her characters into charicatures. Still, there was a fair bit of humor and reasonably engrossing drama; this was certainly not a bad first novel, but I can understand why Bridget Jones is so much more popular.

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