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Heroes A2Z #1: Alien Ice Cream by David Anthony and Charles David

Heroes A2Z #1: Alien Ice Cream by David Anthony and Charles David: Three superhero siblings save a small Michigan town from certain peril, this time in the form of aliens peddling hypnosis-inducing ice cream. Their powers are silly (speed and sports; the ability to drive anything with wheels, including airplanes; and anything Superman can do, respectively) but fun. Most memorable for me was the youngest, Zoe, who is still in diapers. I was a little concerned by the idea of a superhero lacking bladder control, but all the same, it was quite clear the authors wrote with their audience firmly in mind. For example, Zoe speaks only one word at a time, all potential vocabulary words; in this book they all started with the letter A but I assume future books in the series go through the alphabet. Adorable illustrations adorn every page. I was amused by the strange little asides and the commentary on sibling rivalry. In short, this is the sort of thing I would probably have enjoyed as a child. I also probably would have colored the illustrations.

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