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Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher (unabridged audiobook read by Kim Mai Guest; 11 hrs 37 min on 10 CDs): So there’s this gigantic prison, enclosed to the point where its inhabitants aren’t even sure the outside even exists, where everyone is poor and savage. Finn believes he was born outside, though he cannot prove it. Elsewhere, Claudia lives in a world of “protocol” that forces everyone to live like it’s sometime in the 1800s. She’s the daughter of the highly political Warden of Incarceron, and as such she is betrothed to a bratty prince she hates. While I kind of enjoyed not knowing who all was telling the truth or what exactly was real (Is Claudia really outside or is she in Incarceron without knowing it? If not, where is this gigantic prison located?), the characters were kind of flat and the plot was kind of boring. Maybe someone else might get swept up in this world, but I spent much of my time waiting for everyone to just get on with it.

A note on the audio: I question the wisdom of hiring an American narrator when all the characters speak with British accents. Especially when said narrator isn’t especially good at said accents.

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