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Water Tower

This was drawn from a photograph I took a few years back. It might be the very first time I’ve ever attempted to draw real clouds.


This was drawn from a magazine photo of Billy Bob Thornton. I got bored halfway through and it didn’t end up looking much like him. And honestly, I’m okay with that.


Drawing something every single day for a month isn’t easy.

Shadows are Hard

This is one of the statues from the gates to the governor’s mansion at Colonial Williamsburg.


A quick rhino for Inktober.


The last dead artist I’ve drawn so far, and this was back in October. I’m happy to take suggestions, but the artist has to 1. be dead, and 2. have lived in the age of photography. (So, like, no Titian.) I prefer older ones, especially daguerrotypes and the like, since they’re less likely to have been photoshopped away from reality.

Baby Pan

It’s my birthday, and this is my cat Pan.

Aw, Nuts!

A squirrel drawn from a photo on PaintMyPhoto.

Goofy Selfie

One advantage to drawing from photographs is the opportunity to create a truly ridiculous self portrait.

Cats on a Box

One morning my two cats decided that the tipped-over HVAC filter box was The Place To Be. I drew this differently from usual, starting with the full outline of both cats and box, then filling in the details. It ended up kind of geometric, with lots of angles, and yet also a pretty accurate depiction of my kitties.

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