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Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix (unabridged audiobook read by Alyssa Bresnahan; 5.25 hrs on 5 discs): What happens after the glass slipper fits and Cinderella is whisked away to Prince Charming’s palace? In this story, “happily ever after” doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Ella, having spent so much time as a servant, is having trouble adjusting to the tight-laced bureaucracy of palace life. Worse, her regular meetings with Prince Charming are stilted and awkward, with no one showing any interest in her beyond her beauty. I liked this one. I liked Ella’s determination and practicality. I liked the lack of a fairy godmother or any other magical elements. Definitely one to pick up if you like fairy tale retellings.

A note on the audio: Besnahan was very talented, but sounded a bit too old to be 16. Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed had the book been told in third person instead of first.

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Leaving Fishers by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Leaving Fishers by Margaret Peterson Haddix: A teenager named Dorry gets sucked into a religious cult, and eventually leaves. (That’s not a spoiler, given the title of the book.) It was reasonably interesting, but the cult wasn’t very believable. It starts as something akin to Campus Crusade for Christ and then suddenly it’s all fake and dangerous and even criminal. There’s too little build-up, and too little frank discussion of religion. I suppose the author was trying not to offend anyone, but the tip-toeing around certain passages of scripture was a little frustrating. I will say that I liked Angela, even if she was a tad over the top to be truly scary. All in all, it was a decent way to pass the time, but not something I’d necessarily recommend to anybody.

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