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Everything Here is Mine by Nicole Hillander

Everything Here Is Mine by Nicole Hollander: It seemed, at first glance, that I fit squarely into the target audience for this book. I like cats, I like comic strips, and I like humor. And it’s not like my tastes are all that high-class: I still often find LOLcats funny. But this book, alas, is not particularly funny. I suppose I should have been somewhat cautious when I realized it was by the cartoonist behind Sylvia, which is often just a half-step away from actual humor. And thus it is with this book. Parts of it – such as the woman raised by cats or the mind games cats play – are almost funny, which is in some ways more disappointing than something that is all-out unfunny. And I think the worst part was that I could spot jokes I know other people would find funny. I could imagine certain friends of mine laughing at various lines, particularly if read out loud. So maybe I wasn’t the target audience after all.

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