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Otherworld Tales 2: Demon Invasion by C.T. Markee

Otherworld Tales 2: Demon Invasion by C.T. Markee: Irish and Streak are joined by Irish’s cousin Frost as they search for their friend Huff in the wilds of Mount Shasta. This is the second of the Otherworld Tales series, but reading the first one is not strictly necessary, as Irish and his friends don’t remember the events from that book anyway. There’s less Celtic mythology this time around but far more adventure as our heroes fight monsters and the elements. I liked the cranky dwarves (are there really any other kind?) and the snooty giants. There’s nothing especially unpredictable here – you know that Huff will eventually be rescued and evil will be vanquished – but I think this is a story that would be enjoyed by most children who like fantasy and adventure.

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Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer by C.T. Markee

Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer by C.T. Markee: Preteen Irish and his friends Streak and Huff are minding their own business when suddenly they find themselves in the middle of an ancient Celtic prophecy in which they must join forces with Cuchulain in the Otherworld to defeat the evil forces of the Underworld, and rescue Irish’s little sister on the way. The story moves quickly, with never a dull moment even between action scenes. I particularly enjoyed the connection with the trees, Cuchulain’s casual attitude toward facing deadly enemies, and the fairly realistic language of the preteens (or maybe I just felt a connection because I still say “dude” far more than is strictly necessary). I thought Huff’s dumb jokes were kind of pointless, but otherwise the characters were distinct and fun. Definitely something a middle-schooler would enjoy.

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