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Postcard Project

I have a stack of postcards that I want to send. I just need recipients.

These are not local postcards from where I live. They are freebie postcards, art postcards, postcard books, and even postcards from places I’ve never been. (People sometimes give me blank postcards when they travel; I’m not sure what to do with them but send them on.)

If you would like to receive one, send me your address. Do not assume I have your address; I am not that organized.

If you would like me to draw on the back of the postcard, tell me what. If you say you want a drawing but don’t specify what, you will get a Yumachu and you will be disappointed.

If you would like to make a request regarding postcard theme, you’re free to do so, but I make no promises to honor them. These are postcards I already own; buying new ones would defeat the purpose of this project.

Wandering Watercolor

I am not a painter. At least, not an experienced one. The only paints I own are cheapo watercolors in the impulse-buy art sets I’ve picked up on clearance or at garage sales. Today, on a whim, I decided to try out the paints in my 80-piece Creatology Art Set. (This is just the only link I could find, not an endorsement of this retailer. I paid something like $4 for mine at Michael’s.)

A note on this kit: the markers are nothing special, but I haven’t tried out the crayons, colored pencils, or oil pastels yet. Considering I tend to use one medium at a time, an all-in-one carrying case like this actually isn’t all that convenient for me. The paint tray, for example, is part of the case so you can’t remove them. It was a bit of a pain attempting to balance such a large, bulky item on my overstuffed desk.

The Setup

I started by laying down a bunch of scrap paper and wrapping my keyboard in magazine pages. I am a slob with food; why should I be any different when I art? And before you ask, yes, my desk is always at least this cluttered. I feel accomplished to have cleared off enough space to paint.

Cheapo Watercolors

I suppose that watercolors are by nature pretty inexpensive to manufacture, especially since they can’t dry out the way acrylics can and thus have a near-infinite shelf life. I don’t think I’d used watercolors since I was a child, and fully expected to make an utter mess.

I always keep a stash of free/ad postcards around for just this sort of thing. I went through the stack and pulled out a few made from rougher cardstock so the paint wouldn’t bead. I drew a quick pencil sketch on each, then played with color.

A couple sitting out to dry.

Once they dried, I inked them, erased any glaring pencil marks (a little tricky since the eraser also wanted to remove the paint), and got them ready to mail to some folks on my mailing list (and yes, slots are always open). I have no idea how well they’ll mail; there’s a possibility the paint will all flake off and everyone will received mysteriously blank postcards from me. But hey, at least it’s not another bill! :)

The finished product.

Hey Postcard Lovers

To my postcard-loving readers:

From time to time I will be doing more art experiments, and many of them will be on postcard-sized paper because I seem to enjoy the smaller canvas. I have absolutely nothing to do with most of these cards beyond stuffing them in an accordion file and forgetting about them. So I figure I might as well mail them. Yesterday’s experiment has already been mailed out, but if you could like to receive any of my future experiments, please let me know. I can’t promise it’ll be beautiful but it will be original. And if my mailing list is short enough, you’ll receive cards multiple times. (Though if you’re outside the USA, it’ll depend heavily on the current status of my wallet.)

And it won’t just be the experiments. Sometimes I just get a wild hair and decide to start making postcards. Mailart calls and swaps are all well and good but sometimes I feel like being more random than that.

Before you ask, yes, I am already a member of sendsomething and PostCrossing. I do use them from time to time, but I figured maybe somebody out there might be interested in receiving random mail from yours truly and felt safer about giving their address to me than posting it online.

I guess I should mention the obvious: I won’t share/sell/forward your information to anybody. And you don’t have to send anything in return. Just one request: if you throw it in the trash, please don’t tell me about it. :)

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