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Redbeard by Mike Resnick

Redbeard by Michael Resnick: This is one of Mike Resnick’s earliest books, evidently before he started going by Mike professionally, and it shows. Though full of memorable characters, from the elusive mutant Gareth Cole to the savage barbarian Red Will Donahoe to the wickedly logical Baron Andrew Craston, the story is still a little rough around the edges. The ending feels rushed and I had trouble wrapping my head around Cole’s true motivations. Our story takes place in post-apocalyptic New England, during a war being waged between the mutants and the “Normans” (Normals). Donahoe, though born to misfits, is physically normal, and struggles with his conflicting hatreds for the Normans and for Cole himself. It’s a rather dizzying story, but not all together a bad one. Just a little unpolished.

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