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The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an episode of The Twilight Zone, but my mom is the queen of garage sales and managed to find a four-disc set of the radio dramas for fifty cents. I’m not sure how this set fits in with the rest since the stories are from different collections, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

“The Lateness of the Hour” starring Jane Seymore and James Keach: The daughter of a scientist wants to send away their robot servants. Predictable and unintentionally hilarious at times, where the lines are altered to explain the sound effects.

“The Jungle” starring Ed Begley, Jr.: A construction manager is cursed for building on sacred land in Africa. Also predictable, but more fun since there are lions involved.

“Living Doll” starring Tim Kazurinsky: A talking doll says some surprising things. I’ve seen variations on this story several times and I still love it. Dolls are creepy, man.

“Mr. Garrity and the Graves” starring Chris McDonald: A man claiming to raise the dead comes to an Old West town where the dead probably ought to be left alone. The best part of this is the town full of yokels, praising their sherriff for his brilliance when he’s barely smarter than they are.

“A Kind of Stopwatch” starring Lou Diamond Phillips: The world’s most annoying man (I didn’t make that up – that’s straight from the CD jacket) receives a stopwatch with startling powers. I never expected to love LDP, but he is absolutely hysterical here.

If you enjoy melodrama in your radio plays, you will surely love these. They’re not at all scary, and even if you know the ending you’ll probably still have fun getting there. I sure did. Now I need to seek out the rest of these, but something tells me I’ll have to pay considerably more than fifty cents for them. (Dang.)

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