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Saving the World in your Spare Time by Laura Klotz

Saving the World in Your Spare Time is the perfect response to this all-too-common excuse: “I wish I could do something to help the environment/my community/charity/etc. but I just don’t have the time/money/energy/etc.” Klotz expects her readers to have very full plates to begin with, and her multitude of varied suggestions reflects this. Whether you want to help the homeless, animals, the environment, your community, or a host of other causes, there is something in this book for you, regardless of how much you can commit. The section on charitable and philanthropic websites is especially useful in this day and age, proving that yes, it really does only take a minute to change a life. Perhaps more importantly, this book is very accessible. The guilt trips so common in other books of this genre are nowhere to be found. Saving the World in Your Spare Time is brief and direct, and Klotz’s conversational tone gives the impression of getting advice from an old friend. I highly recommend this book.

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