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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: We’ll start with my complaints. First off, the film, though fantasy, was set in 1939. Two historical inaccuracies jumped out at me: a reference to World War I (it would have been called The Great War at that point), and a knowledge of the dangers of radiation (if that was known, why were we testing atom bombs on our own soil for years hence?). Second, the homages to other films (James Bond, Laputa, and Star Wars, to name a few) were frequent and a little distracting. Third, there were huge plot holes (though I’ve been assured that that’s just part of the old school adventure genre), plus further evidence that replacing Jude Law with Ewan McGregor would be a vast improvement to any film. That said, there was much I liked about this movie as well. The visual effects were stunning, the action was exciting, and the humor was charming. The characters, though flat (also part of the genre), were entertaining and pretty (despite a flagrant underuse of Angelina Jolie). All in all, I felt like I was watching something on Turner Classic Movies: engaging and nostalgic, but still just a movie.

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