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Strathmore Artist Workshops

No pictures today (I procrastinate because my scanner is a pain), but I wanted to share a free video series I’m enjoying: the Strathmore Artist Workshop Series.

You may be familiar with Strathmore sketchbooks – I know I own a few. Turns out they do more than just make paper. Every year they release a free set of workshops and this year I’m finally actually watching them. They’re very low-pressure. The first workshop is called Sketchbook Fury: The Art Ninja’s Guidebook, and it’s taught by Graham Smith who for some reason reminds me a little bit of Anthony Bourdain. Maybe it’s the voice.

I’d worried that these would be nothing more than ads for Strathmore products. They’re not. While you can’t miss the brand-name sketchbooks in the videos, the focus really is the art and the process of drawing. And while I of course can’t speak for the other workshops offered, Smith’s videos have been much more about inspiration and motivation than teaching specific techniques. And that’s fine; there are plenty of other videos out there for that.

It’s a pleasantly different style of art workshop video. Check it out.

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