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The Wild Alien Tamer by Mike Resnick

The Wild Alien Tamer by Mike Resnick: This is the third in a series of four, though it stands on its own fairly well. It’s another tale of Thaddeus Flint’s galactic traveling carnival, this time about Jupiter Monk, the animal trainer. When his Earthling animals eventually die, Monk has no act and must find alien beasts to replace them. When he comes across a tour guide who looks as foreign as any animal, they come up with an interesting idea for a con. However, things eventually get out of hand. It’s a fun book, almost as light-hearted as the prior two in the series. Good beach read.

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The Three-Legged Hootch Dancer by Mike Resnick

The Three Legged Hootch Dancer by Mike Resnick: Thaddeus Flint’s traveling carnival has taken to the stars, and it’s…pretty dull, actually. The aliens aren’t too interested in seeing a human take off her clothes, or an animal tamer when the animal more closely resembles the audience, or rigged games when the marks are telepaths. Luckily, Flint still has a few tricks up his sleeve. This brief novel is just as much fun as its predecessor, Sideshow, and can probably stand on its own just fine.

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