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Team America: World Police

Team America: World Police: In a word, funny. If you like watching marionettes get blown up, mauled, shot, and torn apart, this is the film for you. The political humor was also amusing as hell, and was much less partisan than I’d been expecting. In fact, there was a refreshing absence of Kerry and Bush. Its main point was that actors are no more relevant in the political scene than any of us unfamous schmoes, and there’s no reason to value their opinions more than anybody else. The parts that I found funniest, however, poked fun at action movies as a whole. The dialogue was fittingly silly and delivered with standard melodrama. The music really capped the whole experience, from the montage song (played over a montage) to the generic sappy patriotic country song reminding us that “freedom costs a buck-o-five.” If you are overly fond of Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, or any of the politically mouthy Hollywood set, you might be offended by this movie. But come on: they’re puppets! Being blown up! That’s cinematic quality right there.

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