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War of the Twins by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

War of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends, Vol. 2) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman: I need to not wait multiple years between reading these books, but luckily I was able to find my place fairly quickly. We rejoin all the characters from the previous book – Raistlin the crabby dark mage, his twin brother Caramon the somewhat dimwitted fighter, Crysania the beautiful and rather misguided cleric, and Tasslehoff the entertainingly amoral Kender – now one hundred years in the future from where they were (and still two hundred years before their own time). This time they find themselves re-enacting the Dwarfgate Wars, seemingly without any choice in the matter. And you know, as terrible as Raistlin is, I really like him. Well, perhaps “like” is the wrong word. I’m fascinated by him. He’s evil and cruel and selfish and yet still oddly sympathetic. I look forward to the final installment in this trilogy, mostly to find out if he ever gets over himself and lets himself love Crysania. It’s not a complicated story, but it goes quickly and I’m enjoying it very much.

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