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Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!: Had I not been a captive audience on a transcontinental flight I would have never seen this film. It was pretty generic as romantic comedies go, with Rosalie bearing even more resemblence to a supermodel than most extraordinary-things-happening-to-ordinary-women stories. It took away from what scant realism there was, and I felt like I was watching a Marysue (which, in the fanfic world, is when the author writes a poorly-disguised version of herself into the story, usually as a way of writing out a personal fantasy). Maybe I’ve just been travelling in the wrong social circles, but I’ve never met any men who acted even remotely like the romantic, emotional, and persistent Pete. Which is interesting, considering he was probably one of the more believable and likeable characters, mostly because he bore such a strong resemblence to Topher Grace’s character on That 70s Show. And speaking of him, what kind of a name is Topher anyway? It’s stupid…and even stupider if it’s supposed to be short for Christopher. Topher is the kind of name I’d give my dog. Funny actor, though.

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