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Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Life of Pi by Yann Martel: From the cover art, this appears to be about a boy and a tiger in a boat. And it is, though it’s conspicuously lacking of seafaring felines for more than the first quarter of the book. Up to that point it talks mostly about Pi’s life as the son of a zookeeper in India and his quest to find religion (which he does – three of them, in fact). At times it’s a little preachy, others a little graphic, but all in all it’s a fairly believable tale about survival in a lifeboat. In a nutshell: Pi Patel’s family decides to move from India to Canada. They travel by cargo ship with many of the animals from their zoo which are now being shipped to other zoos around the world. The cargo ship sinks, leaving Pi stranded on a lifeboat with a few animals who escaped the ship. He spends 227 days on the ocean, his thoughts taken up by survival: how to get food, how to get fresh water, how to avoid being eaten by the 450-pound Bengal tiger that shares his lifeboat. It’s a classic man-versus-nature story, and if you enjoy movies like Castaway you will probably like this book as well.

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