You’ve probably seen those weird esuvee commercials on TV – the ones where these dudes are in a rodeo, riding these strange beasts that look like a cross between a truck and bison. After months of boggling over the point of them, convinced they couldn’t possibly be just some kind of freakish PSA about proper driving techniques, I finally visited the website. There my horrors were realized: it really is just a freakish PSA. Apparently people who drive SUVs are too stupid to handle them properly and cause accidents. If that’s the case, then what are the odds they’ll be smart enough to get the symbolism of the weird muppet buffalo things? So scary, and honestly not that effective – it took me months to work up the curiosity to check out the website, and I pay a lot more attention to advertisements than most. Then once I got here I realized what it was about and didn’t bother to actually read any of the safety information (and wouldn’t have even if I owned an SUV). So in the end we have ads that were obviously pretty expensive to make – the effects are good and there’s no telling how long it took people to create the esuvee beast itself (there’s also a physical one that tours the nation) – but don’t do any good. I wouldn’t be nearly as annoyed if it weren’t my tax dollars that were being dumped into such a worthless project.

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