Seizure by Robin Cook

Seizure by Robin Cook (unabridged audiobook read by George Guidall): Dr. Daniel Lowell has discovered a new stem cell procedure to cure many currently terminal diseases. Senator Ashley Butler publicly opposes all such research but secretly offers to become Lowell’s guinea pig to cure his Parkinson’s Disease before his illness is discovered by the public. The rest of the book is a tangle of intrigue involving the mafia, the Catholic Church, the Shroud of Turin, organ harvesting, and US politics. It’s a great set-up, read by a truly talented voice actor, but about halfway through I realized that horrible truth: there’s no way it could end satisfyingly. And it doesn’t. Most of the issues raised are never resolved, and the so-called climax is very, well, anti-climatic. I could deal with it if it was just the social, ethical, and political questions that were left open-ended, but even much of the plot just sort of fizzles out. I’ve enjoyed the other books I’ve read by Robin Cook, but this one felt like it bit off more than it could chew.

  1. Kamal Aanand (Kamz)

    Did you get to read it? Is there any cure procedures that he is openly talking about?

    Apart from this, if you know any of the latest research in cure for Parkinsons, please do send me the links. Thanks.

  2. Seizure is a work of fiction. The technique described in this novel does not exist. There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

  3. I’ve read several of Robin Cook’s books, but find myself completely unable to remember anything about any of them…I guess they were pretty much brain candy. For some suggestions on books I’ve enjoyed, and comments about reading and music as essential parts of life, I invite you to check out my blog: There’s nothing quite like reading, no matter what you enjoy. Best wishes, Bilbo.

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