Cover the Butter by Carrie Kabak

Cover the Butter by Carrie Kabak: This is the story of Kate, a doormat. Most of her life is spent under her mother’s thumb in some way or another, and that need for approval from the one person in her life least willing to give it forces Kate into a slew of bad decisions throughout her life. That’s not to say this book is all depressing, though sometimes it was a bit frustrating to see Kate putting up with such poor treatment. There are also parts that are touching, like Kate’s eternally devoted grandparents, and parts that are hilarious, like her lovingly (and brutally) honest friends. Almost all the characters are so detailed I could hear them in my head. In all, it’s a pretty good depiction of how a woman can let her life get so far off track – and, happily, how she can get it back on again.

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