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I got a new iPhone.  (Well, technically it’s a refurbished,  new-to-me iPhone 3GS, but who’s counting?)  Anyone have any apps to recommend?

  1. Here’s my little list of ‘must haves’ as far as the free stuff goes:

    The official Twitter App
    PS Express
    Google Earth
    GPS Drive
    GPS Lite
    Wordpress (you can edit/post to your site)

    I’m sure you’ll know exactly what to get as far as games go. :)

  2. I like White Noise a lot–it helps with bedtime. And Flashlight is super-simple (it just turns your screen white) but I’ve been glad to have it more than once. I like the Stanza ebook reader. Then I have some nerdy map and cooking ones that are probably interesting only to me.

  3. echofon instead of the twitter app, but that’s just me
    hipstamatic and all the in app purchases (such a great camera app)
    that’s on top of all the stuff other people listed
    (i haven’t found a good lj app)

  4. I’m a little obsessed with the Monopoly app, but it’s 2 or 3 bucks. All my must-haves are medical, so probably not so much with you. I also have the NPR one, which is nice, both to download shows and to get headlines. Congrats!

  5. tumblr, scrabble, that game about throwing a paper ball into a bin, hipstamatic, polarizer, the guardian

  6. There’s a really neato app that, when you hold your phone up to the night sky, will tell you what stars and constellations you’re seeing.

  7. Bump – allows you to swap contact info with another iPhone that also has bump
    iHandyLevel – has a bunch of different types of levels
    TwitpicPoster – for posting pics to Twitter
    Google – you can voice search
    I think my other hood ones might be a bit too Canadian :)

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