Photograph Organization

I used to be really good about keeping my photographs organized, but since I went digital, everything’s gone sort of haywire. Right now I have an enormous plastic bin of stuff, among which is included my collection of photo albums: those little kind that hold one photograph per page. This red plastic suitcase thing pictured above once held only odd-sized photos (such as school pictures or anything larger than 4×6″), but lately I’ve been stuffing all photos I get in there because I can’t bring myself to face the albums.

Ideally, I’d like to move everything into full-size binders with plastic pocket sheets. I’m not sure how easy these are to find. I’ve found horizontal ones, but so far no vertical, which is annoying. I figure I can use the trading-card-sized ones for some of the smaller photos, though I’m not sure what to do with the old school photos, since they’re just a teensy bit bigger than the 2×2″ slide pages. For that matter, the horizontal 2.5×3.5″ ones won’t look too great in the trading card pockets either, but I can probably deal with that.

And what about the really weird-shaped ones? I’ve got a few that are 4×7″, 4×8″, 3×4.25″, Polaroids… you get the idea. I know the “magnetic” photo pages are a bad idea over the long term, so I’m open to suggestions. What do you do with your photos?  And don’t tell me to just scan them and trash the originals; that’s not an option. :P

P.S. – I have a bunch more copies of that wedding photo there on top if anyone would like one.

  1. these days I’ve decided not to develop more photos but instead do digital albums to print as self published photo books instead. I love those! but when i did photo albums i did them in regular A4 binders filled with white cardstock and a glue stick. then you can “compose” the page in any way you want using all kinds of photo sizes (and cut away ugly parts) that go together and write under them. just an idea.

    • Ooh, that’s a good idea. How does the gluestick hold up over the years? I don’t want to open up my photo album one day and have all the photos slide out. :)

  2. Neat! I like the broad range of subjects you have in your blog! stopping in from swapbot via the blog comments swap.

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