Ready, Set, Let’s Fiesta!

That’s right, kiddos, it’s Bloggiesta! Most of the mini-challenges don’t really apply to me this time around, so instead I’ve made a list of tasks I’d like to tackle this weekend. I don’t expect to get all of them done, but it’s nice to have ideas. I have a number of sites and pretty much all of them need attending in some fashion or another.

This here blog

  • design a blog logo
  • link to 2010 reading list on hobbies page
  • make list of popular blog posts (blogging tips, book review guidelines, etc.)
  • reply to recent comments
  • posts to write
    • book organization
    • death from the skies review
    • graveyard book review
    • waterford
    • q-bert pyramid
    • swag
    • abandoned building
    • katoctin church
    • childhood toys
    • my bookcrossing history
    • bookcrossing con ads
    • repainted toys
    • art-i-fax journal

Sine Fine Films

  • color scheme
  • fun & games
  • hulde youtube
  • update magic inc cast list
  • fix stranger link


  • Chancellorsville post
  • Markeroni post

And no, I don’t expect most people to understand what all of these tasks actually mean. Don’t worry, I’m on top of that. :) I have no idea how much of this I’ll actually achieve, but I’ll check back in again on Sunday. Happy blogging!

  1. That’s a great list!!
    I love the name of your blog and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for a logo!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately, I ended up coming down with The Crud that’s been going around, and was completely bedridden all weekend of Bloggiesta. Alas! But I still plan on making a logo. I’ve got an idea and everything. Now just to find two minutes to rub together… :)

  2. What’s the Markeroni post?

    • BCinDC has a weekly “adventure series” of blog posts, each one focusing on some part of the convention. I’m writing the one on Markeroni, since we’re including snarfari as one of the activity options, but it’ll probably be more or less a condensed version of my Squidoo lens. :)

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