ATC Sunday

And really, who doesn’t?

Note: I can’t seem to get the link to Picasa to work even though I’ve changed all the permissions and everything.  Sorry.

  1. Aww, I wish I could see it bigger. Next best: you telling me what that little thing at the bottom of the card is. A fire hydrant?

  2. Oh! That’s a little hologram thingy with a Topps (or whoever) logo. It’s part of the plastic card sleeve. It always scans a little weird. You’ll see it on most of the ATCs.

    • Ohhhhhh. So the sleeve, is it like lamination, or does it slide off? (because if the latter you could scan without it, unless the card’s going to leave crumbs on the scanner)

      PS what’s the least painful way to sharpen a brand new box of prismacolors? Buy an electric sharpener, I suppose.

      • It slides off. I just tend to scan them with the covers because then I don’t have to worry about damaging the cards or getting crap on the scanner.

        And yeah, an electric sharpener is probably your best bet unless you find sharpening pencils by hand therapeutic.

        • If I had a crank sharpener mounted to the wall like in grade school I could probably happily sharpen them all by hand.

          Oh well, I was going to buy a big roll of paper for a friend for his housewarming anyway, I guess I’ll pick up an electric sharpener then…

        • PS I bought a crank sharpener that suctions itself to the table. The electrics all looked like pieces of junk.

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