All Her Father’s Guns by James Warner

All Her Father’s Guns by James Warner: Cal is a venture capitalist obsessed with guns and hopelessly in love with his Romanian dominatrix of a therapist. Reid is a British-born graduate student in the Department of Theory at Berkeley, studying the socialogical implications of cinematical errors in Casablanca. Reid also happens to be dating Cal’s daughter. In addition, Cal’s ex-wife, Tabytha, is running for Congress on the ultra-crazy-conservative ticket and attempting to squeeze Cal for all he’s worth. When Reid is laid off from Berkeley he turns to Cal for employment. From there it’s a strange ride through blackmail and abortion clinics, politics and illegal arms deals. It’s fun, it’s strange, and it’s a little bit silly at times, but it all works out in the end. Reid turned out to be much more likeable than I’d expected, and the ending was surprisingly satisfying. I look forward to reading more from Warner.

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