Magic 8 Lobotomy

I was recently involved in making a series of short indie movies with Sine Fine Films, one of which required the acquisition of a Magic 8 Ball. Since I’d purchased it, it was mine at the end of the shoot, and I decided I didn’t really have much use for it as is.

So I enlisted the help of my father to cut it open, while my mother photographed the experience for posterity. As you do.

I already knew that the “fortunes” were nothing more than a white plastic 20-sided die bobbing around in some kind of blue fluid, and this was merely an extraction operation. I thought maybe the whole sphere was full of liquid, while my dad (correctly) suspected it was just a little canister, but we lobotomized it to make sure.

Then Dad cut it in half using a band saw. (Did I mention I have awesome parents? Because I have awesome parents.)

It took a little doing, but eventually we got the sucker pried apart.

I unscrewed the top of the interior canister and we emptied out the blue stuff.

I don’t know what it was, except that it was rather oily and turned my fingers blue, but that was to be expected.

Eventually we got all the liquid out, cut the end off the canister, and I retrieved my prize. My father kept the “8” hemisphere of the ball as a trophy of his valiant efforts.

So what did you do this weekend?

  1. Awesome. I always wondered what was actually inside those things.

  2. Hahah. What are you going to do with your prize?

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