The De-Textbook by

The De-Textbook by I’ve been reading Cracked regularly for years. Though it began as a second-rate Mad Magazine knock-off, the website has become known for consistently high-quality articles that are both educational and hilarious. If you are offended by adult language or juvenile humor, this is not the book for you. Seriously, both the language and the jokes are utterly filthy.

Because this is basically one long Cracked article. It’s laid out like most of their content: lists of incorrect things you were taught followed by true things you never learned about. I’d read some of the material previously, but there was more than enough new content to justify the purchase of the book. I was a little disappointed by the lack of a bibliography, especially since Cracked’s online articles are full of links to references and further reading. Some of the claims were, while not strictly false, also not nearly 100% proven facts as presented. But honestly, while this claims to be educational (and it is, as far as that goes), it is first and foremost a humor book, and a humor site. Read it as such, and you’ll probably enjoy it. You might even learn something on the way.

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