Childhood Video Games: Part 3

Inspired by KateKintail‘s recent posts about favorite childhood video games (here and here), I decided it was high time I blathered on about mine for a little while.

This is the third and final post. The first was about TI-99 games and the second about PC games. This one is about Nintendo Gameboy games.

A Gameboy is not the sort of thing my parents would ever have purchased on their own, but my dad won one in a raffle. It came with Tetris, of course, which we played a bunch. (We were already familiar with Tetris because we’d had it on our PC.) Soon my mother discovered that garage sales were a great way to find new games on the cheap, so we played a somewhat odd assortment:

Super Mario Land

This was our second game, and one we played endlessly. I never beat it, though I got close. I can still sing all the music, which is markedly different from any other Mario game. My husband brought it on our honeymoon and sometime during the plane ride home he finally beat it. Not bad considering you can’t save your game.

Super Mario Land game play video


I always thought this was called Kwirk the Chilled Tomato but evidently it’s just Kwirk. Anyway, it’s a puzzle game where you push blocks around in order to escape a room. I got pretty far but I don’t think this is the sort of game you ever win. I’ve found that endless puzzle games, where you just play until you lose (Tetris, Bejeweled, Arkanoid, Dr. Mario, Bust-a-Move, etc.) seem to be my favorite games. I’m sure that says something about me, but I don’t know what.

Kwirk game play video

Gargoyle’s Quest

This game was hard. I got frustrated pretty quickly because I couldn’t seem to get anywhere without dying thirty times.

Gargoyle’s Quest game play video

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan

Back in the day, I loved all things TMNT, so it’s no surprise we had this game. I think I only made it past the second boss (either Rocksteady or Bebop) but I played it doggedly nonetheless.

TMNT game play video

Final Fantasy Legend II

My husband is a Final Fantasy Fanatic but he refuses to play this game because the English translation is so awful. Which is something I never noticed as a kid. Anyway, I liked the RPG aspect of it, but I always got stuck fighting the boss at the end of the body level – I just couldn’t beat it, and I couldn’t go back and level up either because you can’t “run away” from boss battles. Dang.

Final Fantasy Legend II game play video

I still have a Gameboy. It’s not the original – the screen on that one got so bad you couldn’t see Mario half the time – but a green Gameboy Pocket I purchased sometime in the late ’90s. I don’t play it much anymore, but at this point I doubt we’ll ever get rid of it.

Did you have a Gameboy or other handheld growing up? What did you play?

  1. I remember all of those games except the gargoyle one. I loved Kwirk (and totally thought The Chilled Tomato was part of the title too). It occurs to me that the Gameboy probably had the most modern controls of any game system I’ve ever played…. I missed some step in the evolution of game controls and when I look at all the buttons on the Xbox controller I’m completely intimidated.

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