Sketchbook Peek: Everyday Life

Just a couple of glimpses into my regular life.

This is a recliner that currently resides in my livingroom. It used to be in my study, but we moved it earlier this year in order to make room for a second desk. I bought it used back in 2001 and it has held up quite well, serving most often as a great place to sleep when ill or injured. Nowadays the fluorescent pillows are gone (they freaked out the cat for some reason), and the blanket has been replaced with a lavender one from Disney World. But it’s still a comfy spot for humans and felines alike.

Our coffee/dining table. It’s a huge, black-painted, hardwood affair, quite scuffed and in desperate need of refinishing. My husband bought it before we met, so I don’t even know how old it is. Our laptops and water cups live there and we eat our meals there in front of the television. (Yes, I know that’s not good for us.) As you can see, other objects end up there from time to time as well.

So there you have it. As I continue to keep a sketchbook more regularly, I am starting to learn that what you’re drawing isn’t always as important as just drawing at all. There’s plenty of stuff to sketch out there, and even the most mundane can turn into an interesting piece of art.

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