George Washington Birthplace National Monument

The weather was lovely at George Washington Birthplace National Monument. The house on the grounds was inspired by architecture of the time period (in other words, based on nothing in particular). The foundation of the real house was found about 100 feet away. Still, I enjoyed sketching one of the few houses George Washington never slept in.

Hidden Julle’s Cafe

I was in Haymarket for a doctor appointment, and since I wasn’t going to work that day I figured I’d kill some time to wait out morning traffic before heading back home. So I enjoyed some breakfast at Hidden Julle’s Cafe, which was good. I also had bulletproof coffee for the first time. Surprisingly tasty! And then, in desperate need of a nap but knowing I’d rather sit in a cafe than in my car, I drew the flower arrangement on the table.

Cat Comic: Sleeping

Most of my recent comics have been about bed. I’m not sure if this means I need to spend more or less time there.


This is what happens when you don’t plan your space well enough. As I sat outside Union Market waiting for my husband who was at a Nintendo Switch demo, I drew this lovely motorcycle in front of me. When I was nearly finished, a family sat down at my table, one of them directly in between me and what I was drawing. Good thing I was almost finished.


EPCOT is lovely at night. Hard to draw in the dark (I didn’t have a light with me), but I think it turned out all right.


While we waited for Illuminations to begin, I drew the only thing in view on that dark night: my shoes.


I drew my cat Hook at my first DC Drink & Draw meetup.


I drew these at a DC Drink & Draw outing following SPX. The top two turtles are mine (Crush and Milo), and the bottom one is a random internet turtle I thought was cute.

Water Tower

This was drawn from a photograph I took a few years back. It might be the very first time I’ve ever attempted to draw real clouds.

Old Town Trolley

My friends and I went on a sketch outing in Old Town Alexandria. I decided to draw the trolley parked outside the window. My drawing ended up being a combination of a lot of trolleys because they kept driving away. But I still like how this one turned out, and I really love working with watercolor pencils again.

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