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Blogging Platforms

My sister and I were discussing blogging platforms the other day. She’d recently moved to Blogger from LiveJournal, so we were contrasting various blogging experiences.

I’ve used Blogger since 2003 (though originally with a different blog, now defunct), WordPress.org since 2009, and LiveJournal since 2001. I’ve visited a number of blogs using these and many other blogging platforms, free and otherwise. These are my thoughts.

These days, having a LiveJournal is sort of sniggered at, kind of like having a Hotmail.com email address or a MySpace account. I’ve come across people who were surprised to learn it even still exists, and roll their eyes as if it’s just one of those embarrassing things we do as stupid teenagers then grow out of.

But why is that? Is there something inherently childish about the LiveJournal format?

MySpace, with its awkward interface and preponderance of glittery GIFs, is not quite analogous, though it did attempt to be at least partly a blogging platform. People moved to FaceBook largely because it was cleaner and faster and easier to use.

WordPress is great if you want complete control over your blog’s layout. There are bunches of customizable templates for various uses. My husband, for example, uses Easel (which grew out of ComicPress) for his webcomic. If your blog is specialized, WordPress is very handy.

Blogger is free. It’s easy to set up and get started. Personalization options are so-so, and it often tries to be entirely too helpful in its enthusiasm for all things Google (stop trying to make Google+ happen!), but it’s not bad. One perk is that if you can run multiple blogs from the same account without difficulty.

A lot of people have turned to Tumblr for their blogging needs. I have an account but I don’t use it. I never quite got the hang of Tumblr. As far as I can tell, it consists mainly of people reblogging pictures, with relatively little original content. There are no comments: you can heart/favorite something, or you can reblog it and add your own thoughts, or you can send a question directly to the author but no one else will see it unless they decide to answer it publicly. I think of Tumblr largely as a meme accelerator.

Twitter and Facebook are not blogging platforms. You can write “notes” in FB but that’s nothing but a lengthy status update most people don’t bother reading. I like Twitter and FB for random links, pictures, or pithy comments – stuff too short to warrant a full blog post, in other words.

One thing LiveJournal handles better than any other platform I’ve used is comment notification. You automatically get notified if someone replies directly to a comment you posted. Most other blogs only allow you to subscribe to all comments to a particular post, many of which offer minimal threading. This is problematic for a popular blog. For example, if I comment on Cake Wrecks or The Bloggess, I get the option of either checking the post repeatedly to see if anyone’s replied, or else subscribing to all the comments and watching my email fill up for the next few days. Discussions are very difficult in this format.

LJ’s nearly limitless reply levels also improves the discussion aspect, because you can clearly see who is replying to whom. I’ve never seen this depth of threading anywhere else. Blogger, for example, allows for only a single level of replies – anything beyond that is formatted like a reply to the first comment in the thread.

LJ isn’t perfect, of course. Though you can login/comment from a number of sources (my brother, for example, has commented on my LJ using his FaceBook account), full functionality really requires a LiveJournal account. It’s free to use but I have a paid account because I like the perks it offers. I like how easy it is to read and add to my “friends page” – those other LiveJournals I read regularly. I can add RSS feeds too (one of the paid account perks) but I prefer to use Feedly (since Google Reader died, anyhow) as my blog aggregator since I can use categories and read individual blogs and sort by oldest first and stuff like that. Of course, I could always just add all the LJ blogs I read to Feedly and read them that way. (Adding Tumblr blogs to Feedly doesn’t work very well for some reason.) However, since I’ve been using LJ for over 12 years now, I’m perfectly comfortable with the format of the friends page there.

LJ also doesn’t allow you to have multiple blogs from the same account. I have multiple LJ blogs (my 101 Things in 1001 Days progress blog, for example, is on LJ) but I have to log out of my regular account and into another in order to post or comment. LJ does, however, give you control over who may and may not read certain entries, or even your blog as a whole. Granted, those allowed to read must have LJ accounts themselves, but still, that sort of selective locking is something I haven’t found elsewhere.

I stay on LiveJournal partly out of habit but mostly because I haven’t come across a compelling reason to leave. It’s not like personal blogs don’t exist anywhere else, but for some reason LJ has become synonymous with whiny teenagers venting their spleens. Which is kind of hilarious, actually; I don’t read anyone under the age of 30. One of LJ’s most famous residents, Cleolinda Jones, continues to draw a huge readerships without even bothering with a personalized domain name.

So what do you think? Do you have a preferred blogging platform? Do you look down on certain URLs for particular reasons? Are personal blogs passe?

Excellent New Craft Blog

I would like to introduce you to Reve Dreams, a new craft blog on the scene. Mixing humor, good writing, and a whole heck of a lot of talent, Reve creates amazing crafts and shows you how, too. I’d like to note that she only learned crochet last November, and is already making stuff like this. And it’s not all crochet: fans of children’s literature will enjoy her embroidery, and I of course happen to be completely in love with the newest additions to my Peep family, appropriately named Micropeep and Picopeep.

But you know, as adorable as her creations are, the mechanics of crochet and other sewing-related activities don’t really interest me. Ordinarily I’d look at the pictures and scroll on down, but what keeps me reading is the random asides thrown in. Some favorite quotes:

‘Good clean fun! Hint: it is actually dirty fun.’

‘…but every time I throw out one of the covers I feel like I’m telling the Earth “today, I hate you a little.”‘

‘Of course, if you’re me, and you cut your narrow ribbon to be 8W instead of 10W, you might utter some unladylike words and have to cut new lengths of ribbon to cover the fourth side of the bag.’

‘It is a little-known fact that Peeps’ native terrain is rugged, and in fact they are semi-arboreal.’

Best of all, it’s new enough that you can easily read the entire archive in a short time. Check out Reve Dreams today!

Full disclosure: Reve is my sister. But that doesn’t make her blog less awesome. Seriously, just read an entry or two and you’ll see what I mean.


Addendum: I can neither confirm nor deny her fire-breathing abilities.


Hiatus Announcement and Links to Tide You Over

Okay, this is getting out of hand. I hereby declare a blogging vacation until after the BookCrossing Convention. If I review any books, the posts will be scheduled for after I get back on April 18. If you are waiting for a review by me, I will email you when I finish it, since all my reviews end up on GoodReads and LibraryThing as soon as they’re written (as opposed to being scheduled so I only have one post per day, like on this here blog).  If there’s anything especially timely I want to post, I’ll post it, but for the time being don’t expect anything new here until mid-April.

For those of you still on the fence about the BookCrossing Convention, we’re now offering day passes.  It’s going to be so much fun – you don’t want to miss it!

To tide you over, I have a meme: a list of speculative fiction reviewer blogs. Yes, I’m listed. To add your own blog, visit Grasping for the Wind.


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Hat tip to On a Pale Star.

Google Reader

I’ve become a big fan of Google Reader, and have gone a bit subscription-happy. It’s too easy to subscribe and unsubscribe, and the interface is sweet.  Love it.  And of course I have to tell everybody about it, even though they’ve been using it for ages and wonder why I held out for so long.  But I don’t care, because when you’re in love the world needs to know.

Now, except for the friends’ blogs I’ve subscribed to, here is my full list of current subscriptions. If anyone has any additional (safe for work) blog/webcomic suggestions, please send them my way.

humor and cute

  • Awkward Family Photos – exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes funny, sometimes creepy, always awkward.
  • Cake Wrecks – hilariously botched confections with funny captions.
  • ROFLrazzi – you’ve heard of LOLcats; this is LOLcelebs.
  • Cute Overload – I like cute animals, what can I say?
  • Go Fug Yourself – awful celebrity fashion with clever commentary.
  • Graph Jam – amusing user-made graphs. Not always funny, but amusing enough of the time to be worth keeping.
  • LOLcats – because too many of them are still funny to me.
  • Photoshop Disasters – professional graphic arts gone awry. Don’t read the comments, though – too many of them are major knit-pickers.
  • Pundit Kitchen – LOLnews
  • Totally Looks Like – amusing (and sometimes uncanny) comparisons


  • Binary Souls / Other Dimensions – gorgeous 3-D art with a pleasantly bizarre storyline. And robots. (I’m a bit biased here, since my husband is the artist, but I still like it.)
  • Dinosaur Comics – the same image with different text. Sometimes funny, always strange.
  • Garfield Minus Garfield – the fat orange cat removed from his titular comic strip leads to existential angst for Jon.
  • Least I Could Do – Just started reading on the recommendation of a friend, but it’s pretty funny so far
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – not entirely sure how to describe this one exactly…
  • Spamusement – comics made from Spam subject lines. Now defunct – I subscribed just in case it ever comes back.
  • Thinkin’ Lincoln – recommended by my sister. It’s not exactly funny per se, but somehow I just can’t stop reading it.
  • Toothpaste For Dinner – crappy drawings with random captions, which sometimes come together to form humor.
  • xkcd – quite possibly the most consistently good webcomic I’ve ever seen. And it’s just stick figures!


  • Design Milk – one of the staff picks from Google itself. Mostly weird new products in the “form before function” vein.
  • Dollar Rede$ign Project – new designs for US currency. A lot of interesting ideas here.
  • iMetro – really only entertaining if you’re familiar with the Washington DC Metro system.
  • Lisa’s History Room – history is made up of individuals and their stories, beautifully recounted here.
  • Moving Momentarily – another amusing Metro blog.
  • Snopes.com – one of the most useful sites on the internet.
  • The Markeroni Blog – As a Markeroon myself, I like to see what’s up with the site.
  • The Occasional Chicken – the followup to Three Chicks a Day. I like to see how the chicks are doing.
  • Web Urbanist – interesting photographs and other goings-on.
  • Write on Wednesday – an evidently defunct weekly writing prompt that I used to take part in. I hope it comes back someday.

Anything I should add?


PostSecret: An online art project in which people send in postcards with a secret on it and the better ones are posted on this blog. Most of them are very sad and yet I can’t stop reading.

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