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Comic: Caving

Cat Comic: Sleeping

Most of my recent comics have been about bed. I’m not sure if this means I need to spend more or less time there.


I drew my cat Hook at my first DC Drink & Draw meetup.

Cats on a Box

One morning my two cats decided that the tipped-over HVAC filter box was The Place To Be. I drew this differently from usual, starting with the full outline of both cats and box, then filling in the details. It ended up kind of geometric, with lots of angles, and yet also a pretty accurate depiction of my kitties.

Comic: Volumne

Echo’s purr has a volume knob, apparently.

Comic: Temperature

Every night.

Comic: Pet Names

Yes, we call her Boof. Pan is Dots or, more often, Pan-Pan. Hook is Beans.

Comic: Petting Guide

I don’t know if it’s a gender thing or more because we got Pan as a kitten.

Comic: Excitement

I admit I’m a little jealous.

Sketchbook Peek: Echo

I was at Peet’s Coffee in Falls Church, Virginia, for Draw Night with some fellow local sketchers. I wasn’t too inspired by my surroundings, but one of the others was drawing from a photograph so I decided to do so as well. This is my cat, Echo. I drew this with a Prismacolor 05 drawing pen and highlighted with colored pencils. Took about 20-30 minutes, as do most of the ink drawings I do from photographs.

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