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Blog Action Day 2009

Well, it’s Blog Action Day once again. I’m struggling with this year’s topic, climate change, because I simply don’t have strong feelings about it. (I also feel this is kind of a repeat of 2007’s topic, and I didn’t have much to say then either.) Yes, the climate is changing. Is it caused by man? Even if it is, can we do anything about it? Would our resources be better spent fighting it or figuring out ways to deal with its effects? I dunno.

So instead of weighing in on the political aspects of climate change, I’m going to share some resources on the scientific aspects. For example, NASA has an excellent list of resources. And for all those concerned about global warming, check out the other side of the coin: mini ice ages. And lastly, perhaps we can learn from our past through environmentally-themed historic markers (or, perhaps more fittingly, markers about natural disasters). Hey, I’m a Markeroon – that’s what I do.

So yeah. Maybe next year the folks at BAD will pick a different topic, one about which I actually have something to say.

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