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Weekly Geeks

I’ve decided to dust off this blog and post some more. It will still be link-centric (as opposed to diary-like), and I’ll still most likely never post more than once a day, but with my recent discovery of Weekly Geeks I may start branching out from my normal subject matter.

So let’s begin, shall we? This is week #20, but it appears to be a continuation of last week’s, so I’ll do that. Weekly Geeks #19: list your top books published in 2008.

I was looking at my list of books read this year so far, and realized that I’ve read only two books this year that were also published this year. I imagine my Reduce My TBR Mountain challenge participation has something to do with it (I pledged to read 30 books off my pre-2008 to-be-read pile, which I completed about a week ago), and the fact that ye olde TBR has become so overwhelming that I also (mostly) stopped signing up for ARC’s.

Unfortunately, as one of the books was not worth reading, I only have one 2008 book to share as my “top”. Fortunately, it was actually a very good book: Nation by Terry Pratchett. I reviewed this fairly recently so I won’t repeat myself, but I will say that it’s definitely worth your while.

Nation by Terry Pratchett

Nation by Terry Pratchett: A tidal wave wipes out the entire population of the island, leaving only two people: the native Mau, who was in a canoe at the time, and the English girl Daphne, who was on a ship that plowed into the island. What begins as tragedy turns into a story of hope and laughter. Refugees from neighboring islands trickle in, and slowly the Nation is reborn. Though this was not half as funny as the back cover promised, it was a fun read and brought up some interesting questions and religion and science. The epilogue, however, felt unnecessary. It did nothing for the story and made the ending seem somehow less satisfying. But otherwise it’s a fine story.

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