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Saint Vidicon to the Rescue by Christopher Stasheff

Saint Vidicon to the Rescue by Christopher Stasheff: Tony Ricci, a computer troubleshooter, is called upon by Father Vidicon of Cathode, patron saint of computers, machines, and anything else susceptible to Finagle, master of perversity and chaos. While Vidicon fights the greater demons, Tony is sent to put out smaller fires, helping people on Earth with their problems. It’s a cute idea, that a self-described fictional saint fixes the inexplicable failures of modern technology, which are caused by actual microscopic beasties like gremlkins and scuttlefish. I was a little confused at first (how did Sandy already know that Tony had fixed the problem?), but once I got used to the regular switch between Tony’s regular life and his adventures with Saint Vidicon, it was a lot of fun. If you enjoy silly sci-fi, it’s a worthy read – if only for the ridiculous (and funny) climax at the PBS station, WBEG.

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