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Thing-a-Day 2011

Thing-a-Day has begun again for 2011. The concept is simple: create one thing each day of the month of February. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be complete. I tried last year and failed about two weeks in, but I’m trying again. I’m going to attempt to have most of my “things” be drawings, but there will doubtless be days when I opt for something else. Everything will be posted over at posterous, but all new posts will be linked on Twitter too.

I’m feeling confident this year. Gustavo didn’t take very long to draw, and I really enjoyed it. My husband is always after me to do more drawing, so I know he’s thrilled for me to be participating in something like this.

What about you? Are you participating?


I totally slacked on this and forgot to post this in time for people to actually sign up, and for that I apologize, but I suppose I might as well let y’all know what I’m up to this month: Thing-a-Day. Based on an idea by the incomparable Ze Frank (whose videoblog The Show was simply excellent and I miss it), the challenge is to create something new every day for the entire month of February and post it publicly on the community blog. It doesn’t have to be a big thing – I plan on doing a small drawing each day in a new sketch book I got for free – but it does have to be something and it has to be completed. (At least, I assume it does. You can’t really claim to have created something until it’s finished, right?)

Anyway, I’m participating. This year’s blog format is on posterous, so everything’s going there. I’m uploading them to my gallery as well, because I am just that kind of exhibitionist. The scans aren’t very good but that’s not really the point. The only really irritating part of all this is that I appear to be in a much later (earlier?) timezone than posterous, meaning that my 3am post on February 1st was timestamped the 31st. What do folks in Europe do? Oh well.

If I remember, I might post a month-end wrap-up about the experience, but if this post’s slackitude is any indication, you can expect that it to actually happen sometime around mid-April.

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