Near Dark

Near Dark: One of the stranger (and sillier) takes on the vampire legend I’ve seen. Redneck vampires kidnap sweet old cowboy Caleb and make him one of their own. Then Caleb’s dad rescues him and cures his vampirism. Yeah, I didn’t know there was an antidote either. Apparently, all that matters is how you get the blood into your system. If it’s by mouth, you become a vampire. If it’s through a needle in your arm, you turn human again. Convenient, that.

  1. i dunno… i’ve always liked near dark. i think it’s much more satisfying than lost boys, which came out a few months after ND. the cowboy-meets-vampire thing IS a bit silly, as are most modern vampire tales, but i saw this a few years ago, and it was SO refreshing to see vamps in this way, instead of moody, homoerotic goth fashion :o)

    and i LOVE the scene in the bar… bill paxton… wow.

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